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Closing Symposium "What is Episodic Memory? Perspectives from Philosophy, Psychology & Neuroscience."

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Regular events that the members of MRG1 organize are regularly announced on the the Rub Neuro Events Mailing List and on the events pages of overarching units:

Past Events

European Summer School: Memory and Mind: Perspectives from Philosophy and Neuroscience September 7th to 20th 2014 (RUB, Germany)

The demands on young researchers in philosophy and the cognitive and neurosciences have increased dramatically during the last decade. Whereas many philosophers need to understand state-of-the-art empirical research in the cognitive and neurosciences, empirical scientists often face conceptual challenges which require philosophical knowledge and excellent analytic skills. From 7th Sept – 20th Sept 2014, the European Campus of Excellence summer school will be held at the Ruhr University Bochum, taking a truly integrative approach to contemporary problems in the areas of memory and mind. Gifted students from all over Europe meet with world-class scholars from all over the world to learn from each other, talk over and conduct research together. The young academics not only get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on questions of memory and mind but also to get to know fellow students from other European universities. The summer school in Bochum is divided into four subsequent theoretical as well as four partly parallel experimental sections. Each theoretical section is dedicated to one core issue of research into the structure of memory and mind. This summer school is supported by Stiftung Mercator and the Hertie Foundation. It is an initiative in the framework of the European Campus of Excellence (ECE), organised by Ruhr University Bochum. For further information visit the Event Page.

Second international conference on the Functional Architecture of Memory, May 21st to 23rd 2014 (RUB, Germany)

The FAM conference aims at bringing new insights on today's major controversies in recognition memory by bridging human and animal memory function. Twenty of the world-leading experts on the medial temporal lobe and memory function will discuss findings obtained using a multidisciplinary approach including behavioral, imaging, electrophysiological, mutagenesis and computational techniques.For more information and registration see conference page

SPE 4 "Semantics & Philosophy in Europe" 26.09.2011 - 01.10.2011 Ruhr-Universität Bochum

You can find further informations here: SPE 4

Philosophie International Kompaktseminar & Tutorial "Die Semantik und Pragmatik der Anführung" 22.09.2011 - 30.09.2011 ganztägig

Summer School "The fate of the Memory Trace: Learning, Remembering and Forgetting" with Prof. Sauvage and Prof. Cheng

Gifted students from all over Europe meet with eminent neuroscientists from all over the world to learn from each other, talk over and jointly conduct research that reach from neuron to behavior.
In a unique setting, the young academics not only get the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in memory research but also get to know fellow students from other European universities. Over a period of 3 weeks the students have the opportunity to attend lectures in the morning and put the newly acquired information into use during practical lab exercises in the afternoon.In the evenings, key lectures on state of the art research from further leading scientists will be held. The summer school in Bochum is divided into three sections. Each is dedicated to one core issue of memory research: • Week 1: Acquisition and Consolidation • Week 2: Retrieval and the Memory System(s) • Week 3: Extinction and Forgetting.

26 Nov. 2010: Mercator Research Groups celebrate successful Kick-Off

On 26 November, the Mercator Research Groups "Structure of Memory / Struktur des Gedächtnisses" and "Spaces of Anthropological Knowledge / Räume anthropologischen Wissens" invited for a "kick-off event" jointly organised by the professors, to present their research projects and their work environment.
The event took place in the conference room of the research group "Structure of Memory", whose rooms, laboratories and facilities had been handed over to RUB just one day before by the BLB.
As the last of four appointed professors in the research group "spaces of anthropological knowledge" takes up service these days, both groups are now fully operational.
Accordingly, the event on the 26. of November aimed to present the research groups and their projects to the invited guests (from the Foundation Mercator, scientific organizations and faculty and administration staff of RUB) and to promote exchange and discussion between interested persons within and outside the university.

Workshop: Thinking of Events, Juli 2010

Guest speakers: Prof. Dr. Achille Varzi, PD Dr. Ricarda Schubotz, Prof. Dr. Regine Eckardt, Dr. Ulrich Reichard and Prof. Dr. Markus Werning