This year, the MiCon students organized their first 2.5-day Summer School in Bochum. From September 11 to 13, many national and international guests attended our program and contributed by exciting talks, discussions and feedback. On the first day of the program, MiCon reached out to address the public by inviting Prof. Vera Meyer (TU Berlin) for an exciting lecture on fungal biotechnology in the Blue Square in the heart of Bochum. Afterwards, a visit to the local Fiege Brewery showed off the tasty side of microbial substrate conversion. On the second and third day, many renowned guests shared their work within interesting and lively talks. Oral presentations and posters by MiCon students offered the opportunity to receive feedback on their projects from international experts in the field. Many interested students (not only from MiCon) joined an open career panel on Friday, in which two experts each from industry and academia where pelt with questions on career choices.

We would like to thank all participants, the members of the Advisory Board and the organization committee for this successful event.


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