The doctoral researchers participating in the RTG MiCon can fully profit from the well-established curricula of the local RUB Research School and IGB. These curricula are compatible with the MiCon programme and the modules will be mutually acknowledged. A total of 15 CPs (instead of 12 in the IGB) will be required to graduate from the RTG, and a maximum of 6 CPs can be accepted from the RS/IGB programmes. In addition to the more general training opportunities offered by the RS and IGB graduate schools, the MiCon researchers will benefit from a programme tailored to their specific interests.

The unique combination of a campus-wide interdisciplinary Research School, a structured International Graduate School in the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, and the training programme specifically tailored to the scientific questions of the MiCon projects is going to provide an ideal environment for the comprehensive and efficient training of doctoral researchers. The attractive training programme is comprised of mandatory and optional modules that are credited according to the approximate work load (see Table). The wide range of training opportunities in the RTG offers the unique opportunity for every doctoral candidate to obtain a solid, yet individual foundation preparing them to master the upcoming challenges in her or his professional career.



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