List of preliminary Courses in Women's and Gender History Winter Term 2020/21:

  • Lectures:

    Maren Lorenz: The Age of the European Enlightenment. Intellectual Challenges, Scientific Change and Social Upheaval
    Do 10-12/Do 14-16 Uhr

    Mihran Dabag/ Kristin Platt: Religion, Violence and Genocide in the Modern Era
    Do. 16-18 Uhr

    Sandra Maß: Social and cultural history of migration, 19-20th C.
    Di. 10-12 Uhr

  • Hauptseminare:

    Maren Lorenz:. Sexual Violence between Standardization and Normalization in the Early Modern Period. Fields of Discurse and Action dealing with Gender, Body, and Power)
    Di. 10-12/Di. 14-16 Uhr

    Sandra Maß: Global migrations in the 19th C.
    Di. 14-16 Uhr

    Mihran Dabag: The Alien's Perspective. Approaches fom History and Cultural Theory
    Do. 14-16 Uhr

  • Übungen für Fortgeschrittene:

    Maren Lorenz: Of Real Man and Proper Women. Gender Debates in Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment
    Do. 14-16/ Di. 10-12/Do. 10-12 Uhr

    Medardus Brehl: Narrative der Vernichtung. Narratives of Annihilation. Literature as Documents in Research on Collective Violence and Genocide
    Fr. 10-12 Uhr

    Medardus Brehl/Lasse Wichert: What did the political right read? On the history of knowledge of right-wing extremism in Europe
    Mo. 14-16/Mo. 16-18 Uhr

    Mihran Dabag/Niklas Woywod: The Fatherland of the Proletarians. Nation and Nationalities in the Discourse of the Political Left: From Marx to Mao
    Mi. 10-12 Uhr

  • Oberseminare:

    Maren Lorenz: History of Emotions and Emotionalities.
    From Renaissance to the Bourgeois Age
    Di. 14-16/ Do. 10-12 Uhr

    Sandra Maß: Imperial Biographies
    Fr. 10-12 Uhr

    Sandra Maß: History and the anthropocene
    Do. 12-14 Uhr

  • Kolloquium:

    Maren Lorenz: Examens- und Forschungskolloquium
    zur Frühen Neuzeit und Geschlechtergeschichte
    Di. 18-20 Uhr

Exact Time schedules and changes to the catalogue will be updated in the forthcoming weeks.

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