If you decide to study history with a MATILDA focus, you will simultaneously go through application for the MATILDA-programme and enrolment at the RUB.

A) The application will be sent directly to the contact the MATILDA programme [link:]. Application should include: A letter of motivation (in German or English, on agreement in Italian or French), a current curriculum vitae, a copy of the Bachelor's certificate, two academic letters of recommendation (separately in a sealed envelope or by e-mail). Please also indicate potential guest universities for your stay abroad in your application documents (more information on the semester abroad below).

For questions regarding application preparation and the application process, please contact directly:

Send in your application electronically or via mail by September 16th 2020.

B) Due to the Corona Lockdown, enrolment at the rub in the 1-subject Master in History is only possible online.
Matriculation in this Master is non-restricted. Please note: In order to start a Master's programme in History at the Ruhr-Universität-Bochum, you need a BA in History. Foreign language requirements for the Master's degree are three foreign languages, one of which is supposed to be English. You can learn the third foreign language, during the Master's programme.

Students who wish toset up their Master's thesis in the early modern period must provide proof of Latin language skills in addition to English.The MATILDA program in Bochum can only be completed in the field of Early Modern/Modern History. In the course of their studies, students must cover either three epochs within Early Modern/Modern History or two epochs and one systematic / regional specialisation (Module V).The Core Curriculum for MATILDA applies.

For those students who would like to complete MATILDA in Bochum, the Master's thesis from 20 CP must be completed in the scope specified by the Joint Examination Regulations for the preparation of the thesis and 10 CPs must be completed in supplementary courses (modules) in the complementary area (i. e. a total of 30 CP as is otherwise the case with MATILDA).

Matrikulation is not possible at the moment. Please check the students´secretary webpage to be updated HZO at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

Other deadlines apply to prospective non-german students. In this case Matriculation is not possible for the upcoming summer term. For the next winter term 2020/21, Matriculation must be completed by July 15th. If you are interested, please contact us directly.

Guest semester within the MATILDA cooperation:

Students of the MATILDA programme spend at least one and up to three semesters at one of the partner universities abroad.

The stays abroad can be financed by the ERASMUS + Förderlinie.
In exceptional cases, other funding bodies may be used. Language certificates for the working language of the host university must be provided for this purpose.

Students enrolling in Bochum potentially graduate with a 1-subject Master in History from the Ruhr-University Bochum and additionally receive a MATILDA certificate, which formulates the international, cooperative dimensions of the MATILDA focus and names the partner universities visited.