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MATILDA. European Master in Women´s and Gender History

MATILDA is a Joint European Master’s degree programme in Women’s and Gender History. Set up as part of the Erasmus scheme with funding from the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, MATILDA is designed for students wishing to develop expertise in women’s and gender history as well as in European history. The programme offers the opportunity to study with leading scholars of gender history and to experience the advantages of a vibrant, stimulating international university environment.

Through its focus on comparative, entangled and transnational historical perspectives that situate European history in broader contexts, MATILDA aims to explore the history of gender relations in European societies, investigate the role of gender in shaping European history and offer an intersectional approach to the analysis of historical inequalities.

The MATILDA curriculum at RUB encompasses courses in core subjects in women´s and gender history (theory, methodology, and practice) and thematic specialisms covering the early modern and modern period, including: History of Nationalism and Post-/Colonialism; History of the Body and Sciences; History of Masculinities; History of Violence; History of Work; History of Education; History of Childhood and the Family.

MATILDA is a two-year Master’s degree programme including at least one semester of study at a partner university in Europe:

  • University of Vienna (Austria)
  • University of Lyon (France)
  • Central European University (Hungary/Austria)
  • University of Padua (Italy)
  • University of Sofia (Bulgaria)

The use of the European Credit Transfer System and the Diploma Supplement will ensure the programme’s transparency and comparability.

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