ESSA Open Labs

Contact person: Michael Roos

Research group: Behavioral and Computational Macroeconomics

Research visit style: We can provide a desk in one of our offices (shared with other staff from the institute), library and internet access, for long or short periods of time.

Research visit type: PhD researchers and up are welcome for individual stays. Master level students with interesting projects that fit within the research of the institute's members are also welcome. The visitors may work on their projects and discuss (parts of) it with the research group, as well as discuss projects of the research group. We have a weekly internal seminar. There is also the opportunity to present at faculty level in the weekly economics research seminar.

Educational programme:

Procedure details: Contact us with a relevant content idea so we can formulate a feasible solution.

Formalities: Master students and PhD students are required to name a contact person (at least Post-Doc) we may contact for recommendations.

Costs: No cost.

Funding: No funding.