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Economic History Prize


In 2015, the Yearbook for Economic History established an annual prize for economic history. A jury selects the best contribution published within the Yearbook for Economic History during a 12 month period.

The award takes the form of a €500 book voucher from the publishers Walter de Gruyter GmbH. The jury is made up of members of the editorial and advisory board.

Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication in the Yearbook for Economic History and thus successfully gone through a double-blind review process, it is automatically submitted to the competition. An additional application is not necessary. Suitable manuscripts may be submitted to the Yearbook’s editorial staff.



2018Dr. Tobias A. Jopp: Ein glücksökonomischer modifizierter Human Development Indes für Deutschland 1920-1960, in: JWG 2017/1, pp. 239-278.
2017 Prof. Dr. Sarah S. Elkind: Extracting Property Values and Oil: Los Angeles's Petroleum Booms and the Definition of Urban Space in the Twentieth Century, in: JWG 2016/1, pp. 91-113.
2016Dr. Roman Rossfeld: „Abgedrehte Kupferwaren‟: Kriegsmaterialexporte der schweizerischen Uhren-, Metall- und Maschinenindustrie im Ersten Weltkrieg, in: JWG 2015/2, pp. 515-551.