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Listening with light

As a novel imaging approach, photoacoustics opens up numerous diagnostic alternatives in medical applications. The question is: which actual potential does this method have in hospital routine? RUB engineers are seeking the answer to this question. RUBIN article

Dying in front of the camera

Clips of protesters dying in consequence of the conflicts in Iran and Syria appear more and more frequently on YouTube. What do they trigger? How do they change the media and our perception? Mareike Meis studies these questions at the RUB's Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict. RUBIN article

Spin laser for rapid data transfer

RUB engineers have developed a new concept for accelerating data transfer in server farms. To this end, the team at the Chair of Photonics and Terahertz Technology applies a quantum-mechanical variable, i.e. the spin. RUBIN article


The International Portal provides students and researchers with information on how to apply to RUB, going abroad, services offered by the International Office and RUB’s international profile.

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Which subjects and combinations of subjects are available for study at RUB? What degree options are there and what are the benefits? Comprehensive information for prospective students at a glance.

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The RUB is much more than a place of learning, teaching, and research. It is located in the heart of an exciting region which, as part of the Ruhr metropolis, is one of Europe's largest urban centres.

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