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Switching off anxiety with light

Receptors for the messenger molecule serotonin can be modified in such a way that they can be activated by light. This provides a new model for studying dysfunctions related to serotonin imbalance, for instance anxiety and depression. Press Release

Terahertz dance of amino acids

RUB Chemists have, for the first time, completely analysed the fingerprint region of the Terahertz spectrum of a biologically relevant molecule in water, in this case, an amino acid. Press Release

Small peptides as potential antibiotics

Small peptides attack bacteria in many different ways and may well become a new generation of antibiotics. RUB Biologists have been researching how such peptides kill bacterial cells. Press Release


The International Portal provides students and researchers with information on how to apply to RUB, going abroad, services offered by the International Office and RUB’s international profile.

Master 2.0


“Master 2.0” is the quality seal of the Ruhr-Universität for master’s degrees that optimally prepare their students for a career in research. Master 2.0 students work in interdisciplinary teams of scientists right at the forefront of research.

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The RUB is much more than a place of learning, teaching, and research. It is located in the heart of an exciting region which, as part of the Ruhr metropolis, is one of Europe's largest urban centres.

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