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Service and Measure Time Allocation

The Use of the Geoscience Solid State NMR spectrometer directs itself predominantly on researchers oriented in Geoscience. They should be provided with the possibility to answer questions concerning the atomic structure and the local atomic environment by using Solid State NMR spectroscopy. In addition, other scientific disciplines are cordially welcome.

In general there will distinguished into internal groups, this means working groups of the Institute as well as faculty-spreading groups within the Ruhr-Universität and external user groups from pure research of other universities within the Federal Republic of Germany.

Within the working groups again distinctive according to such, which are planning a long-term Project at the Geoscience NMR Spectrometer and thus will visit regularly over several years and those, which do not need short term, non-regular measure times, would drive through and where only a small number of measurements would be carried out.

Long-term projects of working groups with regular measure times are independently carried out by employees of this working group. The prospective applicant is introduced into the measure techniques necessary by the spectrometer personnel, so that routine measurements can be accomplished automatically without supervision, depending upon professionalism also on the weekend. Damages, which result from faulty operation or negligence of the responsible persons, must be replaced by the responsible working group. Measure times will be assigned on a weekly base (Monday - Sunday).

Short term measurements with a smaller number of samples, which will not be carried out regularly, are accomplished by the spectrometer personnel.

If the data collected on the Geoscience NMR Spectrometer are published, the supervising scientist request coauthorship. For all other documents, please acknowledge “Dr. Michael Fechtelkord from the Geoscience Solid State NMR Spectrometer at the Institut für Geologie, Mineralogie und Geophysik at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum".

The measure time assignment will take place with an appropriate number of long-term projects involved half-yearly and is assigned otherwise at short notice. Measure time assignments can be inquired and requested at the employees indicated under “Contact”. Long-term projects with a yearly based flat rate (01/01 - 12/31) enjoy priority for assignment of time. In the case of “overbooking” and/or interest conflicts of the users involved decisions will be made by supervising scientist.

Measure time schedule is maintained shortly here in form of a MySQL Database.

In July 2020 we will get a new SUPERCONDUCTING FT NMR Spectrometer AVANCE NEO 400 WB. The description will be adapted promptly. From July 2020 there will also be a new user regulation with higher user fees (see Nutzerordnung).