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Research Topics

The application of solid state NMR spectroscopy to solve earth scientific, mineralogical and crystallographic questions presents the substantial aim of my research work. On observation of NMR active nuclei (mainly: 29Si, 27Al, 23Na, 19F, 1H und 13C) and determination of the local structure of the observed nucleus it is possible to predict various properties of materials, which are hardly accessible by other methods.

Experiments are carried out within the DFG project scope . This project was based on a collaboration of the departments of mineralogy in Bochum, Hamburg, Hannover, Mainz, Münster and Kiel. The spectrometer is located at the Institut für Geologie, Mineralogie und Geophysik of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

In March 1997 the Arbeitskreis "Spektroskopie" was founded within the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kristallographie e. V. , with the aim to serve as contact for NMR spectroscopic questions and problems, to make this method more transparent, to present its strengths as a useful completion of other structure determining methods and furthermore to make it more accessible to a widespread mass of scientists in crystallographic and mineralogical research.