open positions

For ALL positions send a letter of motivation stating your research interests and the way they fit within the frame of the unit, a CV and the names of three references to Prof Sauvage:


We welcome highly motivated students who have completed at least 2 years of college, to take part to ongoing projects (students should be available for 10-15 hours/week, 6 months minimum).

Ph.D position

The project focuses on identifying the support for memory function in healthy subjects, aging and amnesia. Several aspects of memory will be studied (familiarity versus recollection, memory for single items versus pairs, memory for space versus time) using a multidisciplinary approach including behavioral, lesion, neuroanatomical imaging cutting edge techniques in rats and mutant mice and to a lesser extent degree, fMRI in rodents and humans as well as human behavioral testing. The project aims at defining the brain areas activated in different memory types and the neurotransmitters involved.The focus is on the medial temporal areas with a additional interest on the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala.Previous lab experience is required.

Post-doctoral position

The project focuses on the elucidation the neural substrates for memory function by bridging further human and animal recognition memory using translational paradigms. We have been successful in developing behavioral translational recognition memory tasks (Sauvage et al, Nature Neuroscience, 2008). This project focuses on developing translational cognitive fMRI animal paradigms and comparing results to the neuroanatomical imaging data obtained by combining behavioral and molecular imaging techniques. Different features ofmemory function will be studied (familiarity versus recollection, memory for single items versus pairs, memory for space versus time) in healthy subjects, aging and amnesia.Extensive knowledge of fMRI and a solid publication list are required.

The candidates will have a unique opportunity to interact daily with members of the collaborative units: "Neurobiology of Memory", "Theory of Memory" and "Neural Dynamics" with electrophysiology, modeling or philosophy backgrounds that focus on a similar thematic. Our unit is composed of citizens from many countries: France, Germany, Japan, USA etc, hence the main language is English and candidates of all nationalities are encouraged to apply.