Projects and Techniques


* Characterization of the specific role of the MTL areas in spatial or non-spatial recognition memory depending on visual or olfactory sensory modalities (behavior, brain lesion and neuroanatomical brain imaging)
* Evaluation of memory performance and study of the reorganization of the MTL areas following brain injury in models of amnesia (behavior, brain lesion and neuroanatomical brain imaging)
* Characterization of memory performance and brain alterations in models of aging (behavior and neuroanatomical brain imaging)
* Development of behavioral translational memory paradigms and fMRI cognitive translational paradigms in awake rodents (behavior, stereotactic surgery, animal fMRI)


* Standard behavioral spatial and non-spatial object recognition paradigms in rats and mice
* Translational olfactory memory tasks based on psychophysics
* Use of mutant mice models
* Intracerebral injections, brain lesions with microglass pipettes
* Neuroanatomical imaging (in-situ hybridization, immunocytochemistry, histology)
* fMRI in rodents
* Stereotactic surgery