Within the Mercator Research Group (MRG)

The multidisciplinary approach of the FAM unit combined to the philosophical, computational and electrophysiological approaches of the collaborating units of the MRG (;www/ constitutes a unique interdisciplinary and interspecies approach of memory function.

Within the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB)
Still in the spirit of this interdisciplinary and interspecies approach of cognitive functions, our unit also investigates topics varying from perception to memory and self-recognition by working in close interaction with research groups of the RUB belonging to the departments of Philosophy (Prof.Newen), Psychology (Prof.Guentuerkuen, Prof.Wolf, and Prof. Suchan) and Medecine/Psychiatry (Prof.Bruene, Prof. Herpertz and Prof. Noelting) which focuse on human and avian cognitive functions.

International collaborations
We currently collaborate with Prof. Hoen (Max Planck Institute, Cologne) for the small animal fMRI imaging; with Prof. Tonegawa (Massachussetts Institute of Technology, USA), Prof. McHugh (RIKEN, Japan), Prof. Eichenbaum (Boston University, USA) for our mutagenesis approach and with Prof. Yonelinas (UCDavis, USA) for human behavioral testing.