First international conference on the FUNCTIONAL ARCHITECTURE OF MEMORY, May 23rd to 25th 2012 (RUB, Germany)

The FAM conference aims at bringing new insights on today's major controversies in recognition memory and at bridging human and animal memory function.

Twenty of the world-leading experts on the medial temporal lobe will discuss findings obtained using behavioral, imaging, electrophysiological and mutagenesis techniques. Go to for registration and further description of the event. Maximum number of participants: 100.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: John AGGLETON (Cardiff, UK), Malcolm BROWN (Bristol University, UK), Rebecca BURWELL (Brown University, USA), Madeline EACOTT (Durham University, UK), Alexander EASTON (Durham University, UK), Howard EICHENBAUM (BU, USA), Ray KESNER (Utah, USA), Lars KUSCHINKE (RUB, Germany), Thomas McHUGH (RIKEN, Japan), Andrew MAYES (Manchester University, UK), Denise MANAHAN-VAUGHAN (RUB, Germany), Daniela MONTALDI (Manchester University, UK), Charan RANGANATH (UC Davis, USA), Michael RUGG (UT Dallas, USA), Magdalena SAUVAGE (RUB, Germany), Craig STARK (UC Irwine, USA), Boris SUCHAN (RUB, Germany), Andrew YONELINAS (UC Davis, USA), Menno WITTER (Trondheim, Norway), Motoharu YOSHIDA (RUB, Germany)