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RUB takes care of all its employees’ concerns. This starts at the place of work and encompasses issues such as flexible working hours, training programmes, health management, childcare services, assistance with relatives in need of care, as well as culture and sports.

Hand über Klingel an einer Rezeption

The RUB’s service portal is growing apace and turning into an Intranet for employees. The entire information on the place of work is bundled here. It includes forms and contacts, as well as a glossary of administration-specific terminology. In order to access the portal, RUB employees sign in with their login ID.


Key administrative issues include process optimisation and digitalisation. Here, numerous projects are currently in progress.

Digital University


An emergency can occur at any time. If that happens, the control room has to be alerted without delay; it is available 24/7. Depending on the nature of the emergency, control room staff will then alert the police or the fire brigade. Across campus, first responders resp. evacuation assistants in the case of fire are available to help; they are signposted in the corridors.



The Corporate Communications Department uses the news portal to keep RUB employees up to date on what is going on across campus: research, studies, higher education policy, culture, sport and miscellaneous. Via the news portal, visitors can navigate to other RUB news channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Detailed information is also available in the RUB app.

Communication and PR

Presenting Ruhr University Bochum, on campus and in the media. The Corporate Communications Department is happy to help if you need advice on media briefings or on publishing your message in the news portal. The department’s web team helps you edit your websites, while the Brand communication agency helps you design your communication media.

Corporate Communications

Budget and procurement

From erasers to height-adjustable desk - RUB employees can order pretty much everything via the Procurement Department. The same department also helps sort out budget-related and financial issues.

A career at RUB has many faces: from apprenticeships in horticultural management to academic tenure – it offers the perspective that matches personality and skills.

The diverse duties and requirements faced by RUB employees are reflected in human resources development programmes.

New at RUB?

The service portal provides all relevant information for a career start at RUB.

Work organisation

The service portal also includes all relevant information and forms for the workplace: from working hours, through holidays and part-time jobs, to appointment procedures.

Emails, mobile communication and telecommunication

Communication at RUB is for the most part digital, namely by email resp. via platforms such as Sharepoint and Moodle.

IT-hardware and software

Employees who require any hardware and software resp. storage space will find assistance at IT.SERVICES.


RUB provides the Microsoft Office 365 suite as free download for its entire workforce. It includes e.g. the programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.


Discussion groups and task forces

A number of different discussion groups and task forces are active at RUB, in order to assist each other on everyday issues and in difficult situations.

Occupational safety and environmental protection

Where do I dispose of my waste? Where do I find assistance on occupational safety?

Help desk

You would like to report damage in one of the rooms, or is there no soap in one of the toilets? Please reach out to the help desk.

help desk

Rooms, lectures and events

RUB employees have to book lecture halls and rooms on the campus or in the RUB branches on a regular basis, or they have to organise complete events to present RUB. Assistance is available here.

RUB’s marketing agency

Would you like to advertise your event with posters and flyers? Or commission a photographer? Do you need to know in what way you can use the RUB logo and RUB fonts? Agency for Brand Communication is the place for you.

Agency for Brand Communication

Research, education and transfer

Employees at the faculties, institutes and chairs routinely deal with matters related to research, education and transfer. Here are a few relevant links.

Culture, sport and food

Lunch break and after-work snack and drink are an integral part of the work day. Either can be enjoyed on campus or just around the corner at the Uni-Center. The lunch menus provided by the academic services office at the Mensa, bistro and Q-West boast many culinary highlights. RUB also provides a plethora of cultural and recreational activities, those including walks around the Botanical Garden, university sports, as well as performances and exhibitions organised by Musisches Zentrum, the culture office Boskop, the RUB art collections and the university library.

Personen informieren sich über Stellenangebote an einer Stellwand

Employees looking for a career change at RUB find their new position at the job portal Stellenwerk. This is where current engineering and administrative vacancies are listed, including those for tenured staff. Moreover, RUB employees can publish private ads free of charge, for example when they’re looking for a babysitter or removal help.

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