Conditions governing Tenure Track Professorships

Conditions governing appointment of professors in accordance with § 36 sec. 1 of the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (Hochschulgesetz NRW):

  • Academic degree
  • Aptitude for teaching an academic subject (teaching degree, or to be ascertained in the course of the appointment procedures),
  • Qualifications to conduct academic/scientific work (generally verified through the PhD degree).

Additional requirements for W2 /W3 professorships, if applicable with tenure track for W2/W3:

  • Additional academic achievements (habilitation or equivalent thereof, positive evaluation of junior professorship).

For members of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, the following applies:

  • According to § 37 sec. 2, p. 1 of the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia, junior professors will be taken account for appointments at their own university only if they had transferred to another university after PhD graduation or if they conducted academic research at an institution other than the appointing university.
  • The same applies to research associates in accordance with § 37 sec. 2, p. 2 of the Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia. Moreover, the case must qualify as justified exception.
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