Catastrophic earthquakes

The Turkish-Syrian border region has been hit by catastrophic earthquakes at the beginning of February 2023. Ruhr University Bochum is shocked by the consequences. Many of its students, employees and researchers have connections in the affected region.
Dr. Omar Chehadi is a research associate at the Department of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. He lived through the earthquake while on a family visit and is currently volunteering on the ground to help others.
Beray Macit has close ties with Turkey. As an anxiety researcher and psychotherapist, she is aware of the long-term mental strain of such traumatic events and knows about counselling services – including those available to people here on campus.
Sena Demir moved from Turkey to Bochum in 2022 and is studying English and American Studies. She could not bear surrendering to grief and helplessness. Thus, she decided to help those affected by the earthquake.

Prof. Onur Güntürkün heads the Biopsychology Department and is the spokesperson for the Collaborative Research Centre on Extinction Learning. He was born in Izmir in 1958 and has close personal and professional ties to Turkey.

How to provide and find help

Many members of the Ruhr University Bochum community have already stepped up to help, providing information, making donations and organising campaigns.

Relief initiatives run by the Ruhr University Bochum community

  • From 20 February to 13 March 2023, students will be selling coffee and tea outside the University Library, Monday to Friday from 9am to 3.30pm.

Geldscheine und Münzen in Hand
Monetary donations are the most direct way to help: they are used to quickly and flexibly buy supplies locally that are most urgently needed. But when you donate, you want to pick the right organisation.

Psychological counselling

Anyone feeling the need of support can contact the Nightline listening phone (also via chat).

The Psychological Counselling Service also offers help.

All counselling services are free of charge.

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