Career-paths of our alumni

Ramiro Poza Vivar (Graduation 2009)
"Thanks to ECUE's international as well as interdisciplinary set-up I developed a global business mindset which proved essential for today's work environment." 

Ramiro works as Global Senior Manager Market Strategy & Organizational Excellence at Henkel AG & Co. KGaA in Düsseldorf


Simon Hartmann (Graduation 2017)

"I experienced the ECUE-studies as a precious treasure. The rich variety of interdisciplinary and intercultural perspectives have been very valuable for my education as a generalist. My stays in Belgium and Turkey were only possible through ECUE. Thereby I found a second home in the Ruhr-area, which is buzzing with cultural richness."

Simon works as consultant for the FDP-fraction in the Landtag (state parliament) of North Rhine-Westfalia

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Susanna Pflüger (Graduation 2010)

Christopher Hols (Graduation 2011)

Poza Vivar



Understanding and shaping Europe. European policy, economy, society and culture in present and historical contexts

This inter-disciplinary and international Masters is an increasingly sought-after study program regularly offered by the Ruhr University Bochum since the 1999/2000 winter semester.

During the Master Studies program period of four semesters, you will experience the opportunity to study cultural and economic contexts on an equal footing at the renowned Ruhr University. The content of the studies focuses on an international and above all European context. Our guiding idea is to discuss the convergence and divergence of the European social, cultural and economic area within a comparative perspective. Together with the students this should be developed, reflected and analysed. Thereby, Europe and the construction of the “European” build the collective, multi-disciplinary focus on the studies.

Qualified as specialist generalists, you will be able to build on your Master qualifications by opening new directions in your career choices with international companies, institutions and organisations, including research.


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