Semester Abroad - Overseas

It is highly recommended that, German students in particular, spend at least one semester abroad.

Ausland_1You can organise a semester abroad with the help of the European program called ERASMUS (EuRopean community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students) or many other existing cooperations of the Ruhr University Bochum. Usually, the annual deadline of application is in spring-time (January 31 for exchange programs of the RUB / end of February for the ERASMUS program) and refers to the following year (for example application in spring 2017 refers to the winter term 2017/18 and summer term 2018). You can find further information here:

Please apply directly to the contact persons of the particular faculty (you can find an overview of all exchange programs here). It is advisable to get in touch with the ECUE Student Office as early as possible (at the beginning of your studies) to discuss all details about your semester abroad.

Information: Exchange programs in Spain and the United Kingdom are very popular. Here your chances are comparatively low. Those who want to study in English should also consider alternatives for example the Netherlands, Denmark or Poland. (This is possible through the faculty of economics or social sciences.)

ERASMUS-Cooperation: ECUE - Uniwersytet Wroclawski Uni

The study program ECUE has an ERASMUS-cooperation with the University in Wroclaw in Poland. Three students of ECUE per semester can get the opportunity to do a study abroad at the Uniwersytet Wroclawski. The major fields of study are Political Studies, Central and Eastern European Studies and Political Economy as a supplement.

You should discuss the seminars and lectures you plan to attend at our partner universities in advance with Marcus Reinecke. This is important with regard to the transfer of credit points you attain there.