Applied Competence Clusters (ACC)

ACC News bulletin

ACC Plasma and ACC THz Opening Ceremony

Flyer Opening Ceremony

The Applied Competence Clusters Terahertz and Plasma Technology celebrate their founding in an opening ceremony on the 22nd of February 2010 in the CPST Labs in the ICN 03/95 building. The beginning is scheduled for 9:30 with greetings from the vice chancellor of the RUB Prof. Weiler. It will be accompanied general presentations on the ACCs given by Prof. Havenith and Prof. Awakowicz. Afterwards, insights into the associated labs are offered in order to get an idea about the ACC's experise.


Founding of ACC Terahertz

The image shows Prof. Havenith, Dr. Soetebier and Prof. Hofmann (from left to right) at a typical THz-application. Final equipment would be more compact.


Founding of ACC Plasma Technology

The picture above shows a custom designed industry-style vacuum decontamination process. The process development was achieved in close cooperation with the Research Department „Plasmas with Complex Interactions".