Bruker ASX 400 Solid State NMR Spectrometer


Manufacturer: Bruker BioSpin GmbH, Silberstreifen 4, 76287 Rheinstetten

This equipment was purchased on common application of the mineralogical Institutes of the Universities of Bochum (Location of the Equipment), Hannover, Kiel, Mainz and Münster by the German Research Council (DFG).

ASX400 Konsole
ASX400 Console with ASPECT-Workstation

Spectrometer Console Equipment

The spectrometer equipment (400 MHz, B0= 9.397 Tesla) for 1H / 19F and X-nuclei includes:

  • Superconducting magnet system BC-94/89
    with standard dewar configuration, 8.9 cm bore (operation field at 9.397 Tesla)
    • Helium level probe
    • Fixed magnet stand
    • Room temperature shim system for 13 gradients
    • Cryo-magnet-control-unit B-SN 18
      with shimpower supply, spinning rate indicator and helium level meter
  • Microprocessor controlled operation system AMOS
    incl. automated spin and shim system
  • Transmitter system for 1H / 19F observe
    homo- / heteronuclear decoupling controllable in 0.01 Hz steps and digital phase shifter < 0.050, solid state power control over the entire power range, fast power switching with power preselection 900W pulse power, all operations computer controlled
  • X-frequency Broadband transmitter system for X-frequency observe
    pulse and decoupling, frequency controllable in 0.01 Hz steps with digital phase shift in 0.050 steps. High power pulse operation with fast power switching, 1 kW pulse power, all operations computer controlled
  • Y-frequency Broadband transmitter system
    incl. 250 MHz Synthesizer frequency source, BLTX power amplifier (300W)upgrade to 3 channel Multichannel Interface
  • Computer controlled transmitter tuning unit
  • Fast 4 phase modulator for 1H and X -nucleus channel
    with independent computer control of pulse amplitude and phase adjustment
  • Low noise high power 1H / 19F preamplifier
  • Broadband X-frequency high power preamplifier
  • Quadrature detection receiving system
    with ultra high intermediate frequency, highest dynamic range, large bandwidth and short deadtime
  • Routing system
    for full computer controlled setting of almost any measuring conditions
  • Multi-channel NMR interface (MCI)
    with 16K memory per channel for phase, amplitude and frequency set with a time rate of 200 ns; equipped with 2 channels (extension to third channel with Y -channel transmitter system only)
  • Data accumulation system including 3 MByte acquisition memory
  • Process Controller
  • RF routing for inverse and 01/02 coherence experiments
  • RS232C controlled interface for magnet-, shim- and spectrometer system
  • 16 bit digitizer, 250kHz sampling rate maximum spectral width with QUAD 125kHz
  • BC 132 12bit fast digitizer (ADC)
    up to dwell time 4 µs DMA transfer, below 4 µs 2*64 k buffer memory, dual time base
  • Intelligent interface to acquisition- and spectrometer control
    • Ethernet TCP/IP interface to host computer
    • VME-bus interface
  • Device interface for computer control of external units
    e.g., variable temperature unit

HP Transmitter
High Power Tube transmitter for X- and 1H/19F nuclei, High power voltage unit and MAS unit

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Probehead equipment

  • 7 mm CP/MAS double air bearing probehead
    for the range 15N to 27Al, with 1H decoupling channel
  • High Power wideline X-nucleus wideline probe
    5 mm sample diameter, with independent tuning, matching and Q control, VT range -150 - +300°C
  • 4 mm CP/MAS double air bearing probehead
    for the range 13C - 31P, decoupler channel 1H and 19F
  • Double Rotation probehead (DOR)
    single F1 channel
  • B-VT 2000S temperature control unit
    with 25L dewar and flexible, evacuated stainless steel transfer Line
  • 19F double resonance MAS 4mm HP probehead
  • DOTY Scientific High Temperature MAS 7mm Standard probehead
    (T = (-90) - +650°C)

High power wideline X-probehead opened

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