WP3 Milestones and Deliverables


3.1.1 (M12)  The use of electrogenerated pH jumps for the separation of duplex oligonucleotide structures.

3.1.2  (M12) Design of an electrocatalytic electrode for the ligation of sulfhydryl groups to disulfides.

3.2.1 (M36)  Electropolymerization of redox-active polymers on electrodes that reveal electro-switchable solid-gel transitions.

3.2.2  (M24) Modification of electrodes with functional monolayers/thin films that lead to electrically triggered pH changes leading to sol-gel or micelle-to-liposome transitions.

3.3.1 (M24)  Assembly and characterization of modified electrodes that reversibly switch the pH of electrolyte solutions by redox reactions.


3.1 (M12): Electrochemically controlled separation of oligonucleotide duplexes via pH.

3.2(M24): Electrocatalytic ligation of sulfhydryl-functionalized oligonucleotide fragments.

3.3 (M24): Electronically reversibly switched sol-gel and micelle-vesicle systems.

3.4 (M36): Modified electrodes that reversibly switch the pH of a solution by redox reactions.