WP2 Milestones and Deliverables


2.1(M12): Synthesis of scpDNAs and formation of scpDNA micelles, gels and vesicles

2.2(M24): Encapsulation of fluorescent dyes and DNA molecules in scpDNA containers

2.3(M24): Transport of informational molecules in programmable network by scpDNAs containers

2.4(M36): Integration of scpDNA containers within the fully functioning electrical chemical cells


2.1 (M12): Deliver gel and vesicle forming scpDNA to RUB

2.2 (M24): Mid-term report on programmable containment

2.3 (M24): Deliver scpDNA for encapsulation to RUB

2.4 (M36): Final report on programmable containment networks