WP4 Tasks

The overall objective of WP4 is microfluidics integration and complementation of processes from WPs 1-3 to yield a complete ECCell. This involves:

O4.1 Development of electronically controlled MEMS modules for the 3 core ECCell functions:

        (i) electronic replication (using electronically activated ligation and pH controlled hybridization),

       (ii) electronic compartmentation (using pH control of sol-gel transitions of SCP-DNA and/or direct electronic control of gel-solid transitions),

       (iii) selective electronic activation (to enable e.g. reversible chemical ligation processes) as well as

O4.2 Integration and interconnection of ECCells

O4.3 Development of the chemical microprocessor platform itself to accomodate novel scpDNA functionality in ECCells. (cf WP 5)

O4.4 Programmable optimization of core processes (such as replication) in ECCells (cf WP5)

O4.5 Testing, evaluation and optimization of new applications using the core functions of ECCells (cf WP6).