MEMS modules for ECCell

The modules to be developed in this project will exhibit

(i) parallel, programmable and pressure-decoupled connection to several flow-by resource streams via electronically programmable electroosmotic loops enabling independent cross-contamination free operation of multiple ECCells. 

(ii) a fully pressure-decoupled programmable intercellular communication network utilizing channels with uninterrupted digital electrode chains at ≤100µ pitch

(iii) electroosmotic/electrophoretic scpDNA sieves allowing programmable molecular concentration and transport

(iv) programmable local pH control using pulsed field electrolysis and/or hydroquinone modified electrodes

(v) programmable local redox control of covalent DNA and scpDNA linkage (templated ligation) via disulphide bond formation using electronically activated redox mediators

(vi) programmable local gelation of scpDNA using one or more of a) local concentration b) local pH control c) redirection of cross-linking DNA d) redox

(vii) programmable reversible local immobilization of (scp)DNA using liquid supports (micelles-gels-vesicles) assisted by a) electric field traps b) local gelation c) reversible disulphide bond formation

(viii) rapid programmable local loop (travelling wave) electrophoretic separation of different scpDNA (a) based on length b) based on aggregation state free-micelle-vesicle-gel

(ix) programmable local electronic amplification of DNA and scpDNA using a selection of the functions above

(x) programmable formation of scpDNA vesicular containers for stable long distance packaging, transport and storage of ECCell molecular information

(xi) programmable ECCell life cycle involving cell growth, homeostasis and cell division coupled to an electrochemical energy supply

(xii) programmable evolution of scpDNA functionality (cf WP5,6)

A schematic of a basic module integrating sufficient functionality for an ECCell is shown. The figure shows a twin chamber molecular amplification module operating via pH modulation cycles and a feedback separation line for periodic molecular separation.