ECCell interconnect architecture A

Fig 4.2 A This architecture shows cell site modules (blue) that may have significant internal structure to support electronic cell proliferation and processing. The ECCell modules (blue) have structures as for example shown in Fig. 4.1. The ECCell site modules are connected to a pressure driven resource and waste system (analogously to Vcc and Gnd in electrical circuits). Herethere are  two separate resource mixes (shown in red and green) which flow by the potential ECCell sites (blue) to the waste collection (grey). The ECCell modules are pressure decoupled from these flows via hydrodynamic barriers which may also involve gels. Internal electrically directed communication of specific molecules between modules occurs via electrophoretic transport of charged informational molecules (possibly packaged as micelles) along the yellow channels.In addition, the fluidic support system in this connect-through architecture can be used together with ionic liquid droplet chains as an alternative communication system, provided that cross-contamination can be contained.