Chemical microprocessor technology

The basic features of the chemical microprocessor technology are 

(i) microelectrodes on a passivated silicon substrate under integrated FPGA control

(ii) bilayer surface embedded metal interconnect (crossover) without custom dies

(iii) optically accessible PDMS microfluidic channels of varying depths 

(iv) custom adhesive free parallel fluidic interface to a programmable macroscopic steady flow injection system

(v) fully programmable multicolor (solid state lasers under AOTF control), parallel confocal (spinning disk) microscopy setup with gradient thermostated motorized stage for fluorescence measurement of local concentrations (xyz resolution) 

(vi) custom software with GUI allowing online feedback control of microelectrodes, fluidic handling and fluorescence imaging system based on automated processing of image data

In this project, this technology will be enhanced with dual layer microfludiic interconnect allowing channel crossover, building on established procedures, and most imüportantly specific electrodes will be addressably surface modified to support specific redox mediation (in collaboration with HUJI).