1. Programmable attachment of DNA to synthetic block copolymer liquid phase supports

scpDNA as a self-assembling liquid phase support will be investigated. Presynthesis of scpDNA via solid phase support has already been achieved (see WP2).

Three possible strategies for covalent DNA attachment during cell cycle are:

       1. Establish mild coupling chemistry to do DNA-scp coupling inline

       2. Precouple short DNA tag to scp, and ligate longer DNA via a template splint. 

       3. Hybridize longer DNA to short DNA tagged scp and then cross-link hybrid or add cresent binder to stabilize.

Proposal is to focus on strategy 2 in this project, since it is sufficient and perfectly compatible with replication. If we need an irreversible orthogonal link, then we could use phosphoramidite chemistry for this link instead of the redox active -S-S-.