Research Groups

The research program of THINK brings together 25 participating researchers: 8 researchers from the Faculty of Psychology, 8 from the Medical Faculty. The Faculty for Educational Sciences and Philosophy and the Faculty for Computer Science are each represented by 4 researchers. In addition, the Faculty for Biology and Biotechnology is involved with one research group.

THINK also serves as a hub for junior research groups (e.g. ERC, Emmy Noether, Sofia Kovalevskaja awardees).

THINK is supported by the Research Department of Neuroscience, a central interfaculty structure that supports the development of multidisciplinary research projects and promotes established neuroscientists as well as junior neuroscientists, especially by providing joint infrastructure.

The researchers involved in THINK are connected via the Research Department of Neuroscience, the Center for Mind and Cognition and via existing consortia, like the SFB 1280 "Extinction Learning", the SFB 874 "Integration and Representation of Sensory Processes" (end of funding period: 12/2022), the FOR 2812 "Constructing scenarios of the past" and the RTG 2185 "Situated Cognition".