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You can find a pdf-version of the SuB28 program here: [pdf]


TUESDAY, September 5 -- special session [Room 1]


WEDNESDAY, September 6 -- main session (day 1)


THURSDAY, September 7 -- main session (day 2)


FRIDAY, September 8 -- main session (day 3)


  1. Carolyn Jane Anderson & Arjun Guha. Protagonist-mediated perspective
  2. Christopher Davis, Pei Sui Luk, & Grégoire Winterstein. A choice functional analysis of Cantonese classifiers
  3. Gabriella LaRose. Stativity in an attentional narrative semantics for pictures
  4. Judith Lauterbach. The evidential reading of German evidential 'an'
  5. Haoze Li & Jun Tamura. Quantificational Variability Effects: An insight from Japanese embedded questions
  6. Alda Mari. On Italian future questions: scope ambiguities and NON MICA
  7. Zahra Mirrazi. From Perfectivity to Performativity in conditionals
  8. Anne Mucha, Mary Amaechi, Fred Whibley, & Wataru Uegaki. Future and the composition of modal meaning: the view from Igbo
  9. David Müller. Modifying the ordering source: On the meaning of German überhaupt in purpose clauses
  10. Giorgio Sbardolini. Including and excluding
  11. Marvin Schmitt. On the meaning and use of OKAY in spoken German
  12. Aviv Schoenfeld. Subkinds and anaphoricity: Avoid covert complexity
  13. Ryan Walter Smith, Josep Ausensi & Jianrong Yu. A process semantics for non-selected subject resultatives in English
  14. Runyi Yao, Matthew Husband, & Daniel Altshuler. Topichood and temporal interpretation of DPs guide clause-internal, causal coherence
  15. Jiaxing Yu. Semantics of Mandarin demonstratives