PLM is a European network of centers devoted to the Philosophy of Language and Mind. PLM was founded in 2010 and organizes international conferences, workshop and master classes taught by leading experts in the field  (see

The Fourth PLM conference will take place at Ruhr University Bochum:

Time: 21-23 September 2017


  • Ruhr University Bochum, GA Building, Universitätsstraße 150, Bochum, Germany (September 21)
  • Center for IT Security (ZITS), Lise-Meitner Allee 4, Bochum, Germany (September 22-23)

Conference Homepage:



Plenary Speakers:

  • Emma Borg (U Reading)
  • Ophelia Deroy (LMU Munich & IP London)
  • Paul Egré (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris)
  • Max Kölbel (U Vienna)
  • Nikola Kompa (U Osnabrück)
  • Bence Nanay (U Antwerp)
  • Albert Newen (U Bochum)
  • Markus Werning (U Bochum)

Organization: Markus Werning (speaker), Albert Newen and Heinrich Wansing

PLM Board/Member Institutions:

Registration is now open. Early registration ends September 7, 2017.

Selected papers from all three previous PLM conferences have been published in special issues of Synthese or Review of Philosophy and Psychology. A similar special issue with selected papers is intended for PLM4.