Philosophy of Information and Communication

Philosophy of Information and Communication (PI&C) is a new philosophical discipline at the intersection of philosophy, linguistics, logic, computer science, and AI. It is concerned with an analysis of the concepts of information and communication and, in particular, with the philosophical investigation of the interplay of information and communication. This interplay is reflected e.g. in

  • the traditional understanding of communication as a transfer of information
  • the observation that the de facto-communicated information depends on many other informational factors (e.g. the background knowledge/assumptions of the communicative participants, their consciously shared information, and their informational needs).

According to these factors, PI&C shares some of its research topics with classical philosophy of language, philosophical logic, epistemology, and the philosophy of mind.

Following the focus in the philosophy of information (see Floridi, 2004), my research concentrates on the communication of semantic information. The latter is information about reality (incl. information about the mental states of the agents in this reality). This information is meaningful, can be evaluated for its truth, and contributes to the constitution of knowledge. Regarding communication, I focus on the linguistic communication of semantic information. In my research, I especially work with modal (= 'possible worlds'-) and situation-theoretic approaches. I am also interested in the (non-linguistically encoded) information content of pictures.