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(1) Several Postdocs and PhD students positions funded by an Advanced ERC Grant.! PDF-Info.

The specific job ads are:

Positions: To be filled by*
Postdoctoral Researchers  
Statistical Genetics, Computational Genomics or Bioinformatics 10/2020
Quantitative Genetics 10/2018
Plant Genomics and Transcriptional Networks 10/2018
PhD Studentships  
Quantitative Genetics 10/2018
Quantitative Genetics (This position will be advertised in February 2020) 10/2020
Plant Genomics and Transcriptional Networks 10/2019

*If you are interested in one of the posts, but the timing is wrong for you, please contact Prof. Ute Krämer.


(2) Interdisciplinary research project »Graphical Modeling in the Plant Sciences« for a Bachelor or Master Thesis! PDF-Info.

BSc or MSc theses

We are always looking for talented and motivated students: If you are interested in a BSc, MSc or other research project, please arrange to visit our lab (send email).

PhD and postdoc positions

Open positions are announced here. If you are interested in joining our lab on your own fellowship, please contact us (send email).

PhD or Postdoctoral Fellowships

There are opportunities for obtaining fellowships from various organizations. Some useful links are provided below.