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Book Chapters

  • Nitreno radicals
    D. Grote, W. Sander, in: Wiley Series on Reactive Intermediates in Chemistry and Biology 2013, Wiley, 6(Nitrenes and Nitrenium Ions), 317-346.

  • Matrix Isolation of Radicals
    A. Mardyukov, W. Sander, in: Encyclopedia of Radicals in Chemistry, Biology, and Materials 2012, Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu, Armido Stuter (Eds.), Wiley, 207-228.

  • Towards a Molecular Movie: Real Time Observation of Hydrogen Bond Breaking by Transient 2D-IR Spectroscopy in a Cyclic Peptide
    C. Kolano, J. Helbing, P. Hamm, W. Sander, in Ultrafast Phenomena XV Springer Series in Chemical Physics 2007, 88, Springer, Berlin, 424-426.

  • Reactive Intermediates from Cyclophanes
    W. Sander. In: R. Gleiter, H. Hopf (Eds.) Cyclophanes, Wiley, 2004, Chapter 8, pp. 211 – 227.

  • Arynes
    M. Winkler, H. H. Wenk, W. Sander. In: Moss, R. A.; Platz, M. S.; Jones, Jr., M. (Eds.), Reactive Intermediate Chemistry, Wiley, 2004, Chapter 16, pp. 741 – 794.

  • Oxidation of Matrix-Isolated Silylenes
    W. Sander, H. F. Bettinger, H. Bornemann, M. Trommer, M. Zielinski. In: P. Jutzi (Ed.) Silicon Chemistry, Wiley-VCh, 2003, Chapter 5, pp. 58 – 70.

  • Matrix Isolation of Highly Electrophilic Carbenes
    W. Sander. In: G. Bertrand (Ed.) Carbenes from Fleeting Intermediates to Industrial Reagents, Fontis Media 2002, Chapter 1, pp.1 – 22.

  • Reactions of 2,5-Cyclohexadienylidenes Investigated by Direct Spectroscopic Methods
    W. Sander, H. F. Bettinger. In: U. Brinker (Ed.) Advances in Carbene Chemistry, Vol. 3, Elsevier 2001, 159 - 203.

  • Carbonyl o-oxides and Dioxiranes – From Laboratory Curiosities to Useful Reagents
    K. Block, W. Kappert, A. Kirschfeld, S. Muthusamy, K. Schroeder, W. Sander, E. Kraka, C. Sosa, D. Cremer. In: W. Adam (Ed.) Peroxide Chemistry, Wiley-VCh, Weinheim, 2000, 139 – 156.

  • Gas-Phase Ozonolysis of Alkenes and the Role of the Criegee Intermediate
    W. Sander, M. Träubel, P. Komnick. In: Le Bras (Ed.) Chemical Processes in Atmospheric Oxidation, Springer, Heidelberg, 1997, 200 – 207.

  • Matrix-Isolation of Strained Three-Membered Ring Systems
    W. Sander, A. Kirschfeld. In: B. Halton (Ed.) Advances in Strain in Organic Chemistry, Vol. 4, JAI Press 1995, S. 1 – 80.

  • Diradical Cycloadditions
    W. Sander. In: G. Helmchen (Ed.) Stereoselective Synthesis of Organic Compounds. Stuttgart: Thieme, 1995 (Büchel et al., Eds., Houben-Weyl, Band E 22) Kap. D., S. 2988 – 2996.

  • Mechanisms of the Oxidative Cleavage of Unsaturated Organic Trace Contaminations of the Atmosphere
    W. Sander, M. Träubel, G. Bucher, A. Kirschfeld, S. Wierlacher. In: P. Borrell (Hrsg.) Photo-oxidants: Precursors and Products, SPB Academic Publishing, Den Haag, 1992, 385 – 388.