BlauPause on June 06 at Uni-Street

Where the people commute to their lectures or to their workplaces day in, day out, the traffic will stand still on June 6: For BlauPause, Universitätsstraße will be closed down along a five-kilometre stretch and turned into a party district. Please consider the information given in the right column regarding the roadblock.

At 1200 tables, groups and organisations of RUB and from Bochum will present themselves. The International Office will be there too, of course. You will be able to find us at our tables, right by the Universitätsstraße 90 in block 62. You may find the site plan in the right column.

This is where international students and researchers will introduce their home countries to you with the help of different activities:

  • Mini-workshop on how to dance Bamboo as well as an express Origami course
  • “Your name in another writing” (e.g. Japanese) and a hands-on-sculpture
  • Memory games and a photo shoot
  • Children’s make-up and international childrens’ games

We kindly invite you to visit us on June 6 at our tables in block 62 and to get to know different home countries. We are looking forward to seeing you! 03.06.2015


Site Plan BlauPause

Moreover: International Week

when: 8-12 June, 11 am - 3pm
where: Mensa Foyer

more information:


Ulrike Herrlich