Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry (181013)

Dr. Wilma Neumann
Prof. Nils Metzler-Nolte

Summer Semester 2022
start: April 11, 2022
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Lecture Announcement  

BSc / MSc / PhD Theses

Chemistry and Biochemistry students are welcome!

Please contact W. Neumann  for further information.

Lab Courses

BSc Chemistry

Advanced Lab Class: Fortgeschrittenen-Synthesepraktikum Anorganische Chemie (180514)

BSc Biochemistry

Advanced Lab Class: Wahlpraktikum Biochemie (184506)

MSc Chemistry

In-depth Practical: Bioinorganic Chemistry (181019)

In-depth Practical: Molecular Chemistry and Synthesis (181814)

In-depth Practical: Analytical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry (181815)

Research Practical: Inorganic Chemistry (181816)

MSc Biochemistry

Focal Point Program: Biomolecular Chemistry 

Advanced Practical: Biomolecular Chemistry (185811)

Please contact W. Neumann  for further information.