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We collect, process and analyze acoustic speech material in Russian and other Slavonic languages, distributing the results via this platform. The final aim is the construction of an acoustic data base which you are invited to visit and to exploit for further investigation. The members of the group:

Prof. Christian Sappok
Dr Valentina Lublinskaja
Dr Marion Krause
Dr Matthias Knipschild
Michael Orawski   >>> ORGA    
Dr. Alexander Krasovitsky 
>>> "Russian in Siberia"  
Marina Grotkamp

 This site presents the Linguistic Laboratory (LiLab) at the Slavonic Institute of the Ruhr University in Bochum.

The main sections are:

Documentation and systematic overview (English, Russian, German)

Russian Dialects (English and German)

Summer course 2000 "Varieties of Russian" (German)

Winter course 2001 "Russian Dialects" (German)

Summer course 2001 "Siberia and the Far East" (German)

Winter course "Russian Intonation"

  Summer course 2004 "Phonetics and Phonology of Russian" (German)

Published and planned publications "Bjulleten' foneticheskogo fonda russkogo jazyka" (German)


Last version: 02.09.2004