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This is the Homepage of the Linguistic Laboratory (LiLab) of the Seminar for Slavonic Studies at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. We are a forum for the presentation and distribution of acoustic speech material relevant for all fields of Slavonic Philology, mainly Russian.

To go ahead make your choice:

The texts we present on our LiLab can - in one way or the other - be read and listened to. You can copy them and make use of them in your own work. You can forward your own material to our LiLab to make it accessible to other users. In your publications you can make reference to the acoustic and auditive form of our or your examples if you transfer them to our server (cf. acoustic citation ).

Can you hear us?

To hear the audio output, your machine must have audio hardware and your browser must be configured to play audio files.

Send your proposals, requests, wishes by e-mail to Christian Sappok

If you have used materials of our server, please acknowledge it in the dissemination of your research.


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