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In the context of the concentration on creating the "Acoustic Database for Research on Russian Dialects", we have been undertaking expeditions to Russian-speaking regions since 1991. These expeditions take place in close cooperation with R.F.Kasatkina and L.L. Kasatkin from Moscow as well as E. Moshkina from Kirov. Here, the goal is to record authentic spoken material to be processed in the database. To provide a geographical-anthropological context for this work and to characterize the communicative situation, written texts and images also flow into this collection. Supplemented by excerpts or synopses of external sources, these form the basis for the present documentation. It is meant to make parts of the collection accessible for both philogogist and for a broader public.

Naturally, our interest is focused on spoken utterances. Such speech-samples can be accessed, read in written form, heard as audio-text and copied here. This should form a basis for a more detailed understanding of the linguistic, folkloristic and general cultural aspect of the Russian province. (Christian.Sappok@ am willing to provide further material and information, if interest should arise.

Further expeditions are being planned. The primary areas of interests are the region of the White Sea, Siberia, the Far East and Southern Russia (linguistic specifics of the "Cossacks").

Texts and image-selections were written and made partly by the participants of the seminar "Russian Geography" in the winter semester 1998/99, Seminar for Slavonic Studies, Ruhr-University, Bochum.

David Riff

Jekaterina Tangian

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