Serhat Çelen




Since 2015

Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University (Former Gazi University) Ph.D. in Public Law (Admimistrative Law) – Thesis Writing Stage Thesis Subject: Interference of Administrative Bodies with the Contracts Concluded in Electricity Sector

2011 – 2012

University of Miami, School of Law, MIAMI (Master's Degree) (LL.M.)

2000 – 2005

Ankara University School of Law, ANKARA (Bachelor's Degree)

Academic Works


Legal Analysis of System Usage Agreements to Which TEIAS Is A Party and The Competent Court Issue Regarding The Disputes Arising From Those Agreements
(Article) (Ph.D. Thesis Writing Stage) (In Review as of 07/05/2020)


Militant Democracy in Comparative Law
(Fall 2016 Term Paper) (Ph.D. Courses Stage)


Service Fault of Administration in Performance of Healthcare Services
(Spring 2016 Term Paper) (Ph.D. Courses Stage)


Westphalian Model World Order and Human Rights
(Spring 2016 Term Paper) (Ph.D. Courses Stage)


Political Party System of USA
(Spring 2016 Term Paper) (Ph.D. Courses Stage)


Right to Liberty and Security in the Decisions of European Court of Human Rights and Turkish Constitutional Court
(Fall 2015 Term Paper) (Ph.D. Courses Stage)


3rd Party Funding in International Arbitration
(LL.M. Paper for Spring 2012 Semester)


Evolution of the Concept "International Arbitration" and Application of New York Convention in Turkish Legal System
(LL.M. Paper for Fall 2011 Semester)

Work Experience

01/2016 – Present

Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS)
Litigated and represented client in high - value energy law suits, mainly deriving from System Access and System Connection Agreements in general, commercial and tax courts. Revised, opined on and prepared memoranda for multilateral agreements to which TEIAS is a party. Participated in ENTSO-E agreement negotiations and prepared legal memo therefor

12/2013 – 01/2016

Turkish Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, (BOTAS)
Worked on 2 international arbitration cases, (1 ICC 1 ICSID) 1 recognition and enforcement case, engaged with confidentiality, cargo diversion, LNG purchase agreements, participated in public procurement commissions as commission member, assisted to co-workers in drafting public procurement contracts, worked on petroleum theft cases with other teammates, attended to meetings and conducted research on labor law and occupational safety & health law matters

08/2012 – 12/2012

Resolve Disputes, MIAMI, USA
Intern Lawyer
Worked on an UNCITRAL arbitration case and mediation cases, conducted legal research, and wrote memoranda for clients )

01/2011 – 07/2011

Attorney at Law
Managed different stages of disputes arising from insurance law, tax law, and labor law. Drafted and reviewed different types of contracts, such as sales agreements, lease agreements, transportation agreements, and vending agreements. Provided legal assistance to OMSAN Group Companies. Conducted legal researches and prepared legal memoranda for the management of the company. Handled general assembly procedures.

06/2009 – 01/2011

Balci Law Firm, ISTANBUL
Attorney at Law
Litigated predominantly high value-based law suits. Represented a world-wide famous insurance company in judicial proceedings. Provided legal advice to international clients dealing with insurance, administration and labor law. Managed evidence discovery process, drafted claims, motions, and appeals. Attended to trial proceedings. Advised clients regarding settlements and mediations. Handled garnishment procedure of debtors' assets

01/2008 – 06/2009

Ernst & Young, ISTANBUL
Attorney at Law
Reviewed, drafted and translated from English to Turkish and vice versa commercial contracts, notifications, power of attorneys, articles of associations, resolutions of meeting of partners and board of directors, and signature circulars. Participated in a due diligence project for a possible acquisition of a Turkish insurance company. Established limited liability companies and joint stock companies

01/2007 – 12/2007

Turkish Armed Forces 8. Army Corps Legal Consultancy, ELAZIG
Military Prosecutor
Completed military service as Assistant Legal Counsel. Categorized acts of military personnel by virtue of Military Criminal Act and released indictments. Interrogated military suspects. Classified military felonies in memoranda for superiors

04/2006 – 12/2006

Tanriover Law Firm, IZMIR
Intern Lawyer
Handled enforcement proceedings. Performed attachment of assets. Prepared and reviewed loans, purchase agreements, settlements, distribution and franchising agreements in both English to Turkish

09/2005 – 04/2006

Sacaklioglu Law Firm, IZMIR
Intern Lawyer
Assisted in preparing and submitting different types of motions and claims. Visited different types of courts as part of lawyer trainee program held by Izmir Bar. Translated documents in English & Turkish



Colleges and Private Schools Entrance Examination (Degreed in Top 100)


Anatolian High Schools Entrance Examination (Degreed in Top 100)


Turkish Petroleum Pipeline Corporation & Ministry of Education
Full Scholarship for LLM Education in USA on International Arbitration
(University of Miami School of Law)


Jean Monnet Scholarship (for Ph.D. Research in Ruhr University of Bochum)