Master Examination

The grade of the Master Examinination is to be calculated on the basis of all marks gained by module exams and the Master's Thesis. All relevant assessments are integrated during the course.

A student’s Master's Thesis generally discusses an inter-disciplinary theme which focuses on at least  two topics related to the study.

Students have four months to complete a Master's Thesis, and a maximum of six months for theses with an empirical theme.

The overall Master Examination score includes the following:

  • Interim score based on completed full assessments: 60 percent.
  • Master's Thesis: 40 percent.

Graduation certificates will be awarded in both English and German. In addition, graduates will also receive (prepared in English) an overview of the Master Studies program and an individual record of their completed studies (Diploma Supplement).

Under "Alumni" you can find a list of previous topics of Master Theses.