Module Examination

The content of the study is organized in modules. All modules have to be attended successfully and finalize with a module grade.

In details following modules are studied:

• Introductory Module (IM)
• Basic Module Philosophy and Law (BPL)
• Basic Module History(BH) (with focus on economic History)
• Basic Module Language and Culture (BLC)
• Basic Module Economics (BE)
• Basic Module Politics and Society (BPS)
• Research Methods 1 (M1)
• Advanced Modules (AM1 + AM2) or Advanced Module (AM1) + Internship Module
• Research Methods 2 (M2)

   Examination Office ECUE

   Marcus Reinecke, M.A.
   GD E1/159

   Phone: +49 (0) 234 32-28750

   Office hours:
   Tuesday 10 am - 12 midday,   Wednesday 10 am - 12 midday

Examination regulations ECUE (pdf in German)

Amendment to the examination regulations (pdf in German)

Module guide ECUE (pdf in German)