In each winter term (start of studies: October) approximately 35 students are admitted and enrolled in the master studies program European Culture and Economy (ECUE). The interdisciplinary studies program ECUE deals with Europe and the European Union on various different levels with regard to contents as well as academic disciplines. Therefore we expect a high willingness to work independently with these different topics and disciplines (Sociology, Political Science, Economics, History, Philosophy, Cultural and Literature Studies). Excellent German and English skills are required for the courses and seminars. In order to comply with those requirements, the studies program ECUE defined a list of terms (see Examination Regulations ECUE), which need to be fulfilled by each applicant at the time of application.

Studis vor TUZ

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The compulsory interview with the selected candidates will take place in September, either by phone or personally in the studies coordination office.

If you plan to change your permanent residence due to your studies in Bochum, please be sure to apply for students' hall of residence as early as possible. It would be advisable to do so in spring before the start of studies as waiting time for halls takes at least half a year. An application of students' hall of residence can be made independently of admission. Information about living in Bochum and applications of students' hall of residence can be found at Another alternative is to look in the private residential market in Bochum.