Dr. rer. nat. Lara Schlaffke

MSc. Biology
Haus 4 -1/20c
0234 302 6098
Lara Schlaffke

Main research

Using functional and structural imaging I´m investigating changes in the brain occurring due to learning processes. My main focus is the analysis of brain regions involved in levels of processing and those involved in crossmodal transfer and multimodal learning approaches. Within the last years my second focus is on quantitative muscle imaging in neuromuscular diseases.

Methods and Research Interests

• Crossmodal Transfer
• Multimodal Learning
• Functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI
• Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI - cortex and muscles)
• Voxel based Morphometrie (VBM)

Curriculum vitae

since 01/2018
PostDoc in the Neuroimaging Research Group Neuroplasticity/Learning at the University Clinic Bergmannsheil.

Research School Plus Gateway Fellow at the University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands

PostDoc in the Neuroimaging Research Group Neuroplasticity/Learning at the University Clinic Bergmannsheil.

Promotion (Dr.rer.nat., summa cum laude) in Biology. Thesis "Cortical plasticity when learning Morse Code-Investigations of the transition between perceptual and
semantic learning in the human brain"

PhD-Student in the Neuroimaging Research Group Neuroplasticity/Learning at the University Clinic Bergmannsheil.

10/2011 - 10/2012
M.Sc. Biology at the Ruhr-University Bochum
Topic: Cortical correlates of “theory of mind” comparing long-distance athletes and martial artists


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