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The reasons for our left or right-handedness

Unlike hitherto assumed, the cause is not to be found in the brain. Read more

Observing proteins in their natural environment

Without intensive fundamental research, it will never be possible to successfully combat illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s. Simon Ebbinghaus has now been honoured in the USA for his contribution to research. Read more

The firefly among fish

Thanks to glowing bacteria in special organs below their eyes, flashlight fish send out flashing signals at night. Biologists from Bochum have researched their purpose. Read more


The International Portal provides students and researchers with information on how to apply to RUB, going abroad, services offered by the International Office and RUB’s international profile.

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Which subjects and combinations of subjects are available for study at RUB? What degree options are there and what are the benefits? Comprehensive information for prospective students at a glance.

Programmes of Study

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The RUB is much more than a place of learning, teaching, and research. It is located in the heart of an exciting region which, as part of the Ruhr metropolis, is one of Europe's largest urban centres.

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