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Project Profile P3


Extinction and renewal in behaviorally conditioned immunosuppression


Employing a conditioned taste aversion (CTA) paradigm in the rat with saccharin as a conditioned stimulus (CS) and the immunosuppressive drug cyclosporine A as an unconditioned stimulus (US) we established a behaviorally conditioned immunosuppression. It is a special form of classical conditioning.

With this established model we will analyze extinction, renewal and reconsolidation of behaviorally conditioned immunosuppression on the

1. behavioral level (CTA)

2. level of the CNS (neural activity upon CS re-exposure)

3. level of the peripheral immune responses



CNS (gustatory cortex and amygdala):

  • EEG-telemetry, cFOS-Expression, Zytokine-mRNA-Expression
  • Pharmacological blockade

Immunological analysis

  • T-cell proliferation, Zytokine production, Zytokine-mRNA-Expression


Cooperation within the Research Unit:

  • Project P2: Regarding the electrophysiology in the free behaving (learning) rat P2 uses intrahippocampal EEG telemetry where we concentrate on the gustatory cortex and amygdala
  • Project P4: Close cooperation regarding the theoretical background on the role of attention in the renewal process
  • Project P5 and P7: These two projects will use saliva samples in order to assess cortisol and a-amylase concentrations as markers of the hypothalamic-pituitry-adrenal axis and sympathetic activity; this neuroendocrine analysis will take place in our lab


Contact: Please contact Harald Engler or Manfred Schedlowski for further questions regarding P3.


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