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DFG Research Unit 1581

Project Profile P1


Combining Cells and Behavior: Neuronal Foundations of Extinction and Renewal


The neural basis of extinction is typically studied employing fear conditioning paradigms. Comparatively little is known about extinction of operant behavior that is maintained by positive reinforcement. Knowledge about extinction in this setting may prove useful for the treatment of behavior that is maintained by positive reinforcement, such as drug seeking. Therefore, we investigate the basis of extinction of positively reinforced operant behavior that reach from the recording of single neurons in key brain areas to the analysis of behavior.

We seek to clarify the roles of different brain regions of appetitive stimulus-outcome associations during three stages:

  • Acquisition
  • Extinction
  • Renewal

We are especially interested in recordings from neurons at two critical sites of information processing:

  • the nidopallium caudolaterale NCL (= avian equivalent of prefrontal cortex) , which may subserve contextual inhibitory conditioning during extinction
  • the hippocampus, which appears to be involved in the encoding of context during learning,

In addition, we are striving to characterize the involvement of several neurotransmitters in extinction.



We investigate the role of crucial brain areas during novel behavioral paradigms using a combination of

  • single neuron recording techniques and
  • pharmacological blockade and stimulation techniques

Subjects: Freely-moving pigeons


Cooperation within the Research Unit

  • Project P2: Methodological and content-related similarities. Both projects record from the hippocampus during the learning process in free moving animals. In addition, P2 will conduct hippocampal recordings during an operant conditioning task.
  • Project P4: They seek to investigate the role of expectancy violation on contextual conditioning. Parallel to their predictive learning task, we will conduct analogous experiments in pigeons employing an appetitive operant conditioning paradigm.
  • Project P6: Employs similar experimental paradigms with human subjects using fMRI.

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