Dr. Alois Heinemann





Research Interests

Dr. phil. Alois Heinemann, social psychologist,  studied philosophy and theology; care; studies in sociology, the theory of psychoanalysis and psychology with the emphasis on clinical psychology, group dynamics, organisational psychology and organisational sociology; 1980 Doctor of Philosophy in the subjects of sociology and psychology; taught for many years at the University of Siegen and Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences; since 1977, freelance work as a consultant, supervisor and sociotherapist; 1982 Foundation of the Institute of Applied Social Psychology in Neuropsychoanalysis.
Since 2006, a member of the "International Neuropsychoanalysis Society" (NSPA); scince 2008 cooperation partner of  Prof. Dr. med. Nikcolai Axmacher, neuroscientist at the university of Bochum. – Research priorities: The influence of emotional and social intelligence on mental disorders.