- We attempt to operationalize repression using free association experiments as pioneered by Carl Gustav Jung. This experiment is then conducted with various modifications (including autobiographical conflict episodes and dreams) in healthy participants and patients. We have published several theoretical and empirical papers on this approach. In addition, we employ established paradigms to study memory inhibition as a potential mechanism underlying motivated forgetting in a larger scope.

- We are currently developing a paradigm to investigate transference with neuroimaging methods.

- We aim for a better understanding of the psychological processes and neural mechanisms leading to memory intrusions in cognitive paradigms and experimental models of posttraumatic stress disorder.

- We study the neurobiological mechanisms of dreaming in connection with current theoretical accounts of memory consolidation and psychoanalysis.

- We study emotion regulation and affective processing both clinically and experimentally.

- We also discuss the relationship between psychoanalysis, cognitive psychology and neuroscience in our theoretical work.

- Finally, we are interested in the neurobiological changes induced through psychotherapy.


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